About Marmaris

Marmaris is a port city located in the western part of Turkey’s south coast along the beautiful Aegean Sea, in an area known as Datca. Off the coast of Marmaris there are several small islands that form an entire archipelago. The city of Marmaris is beautifully situated in a protected bay called the Marmaris bay and surrounded with impressive green mountains, covered with pine trees.

Marmaris is indeed a small town with only about 30,000 inhabitants. However, this number is tenfolded in the summer months as the city has become one of Turkey’s most thriving tourist resorts. From previously being a small fishing town, it has become a hugely popular destination in just a few decades. The popularity of Marmaris is probably due to the stunning nature and the long sandy beaches that are found here. However, what one remembers the most after a visit here is usually the marina. The Marmaris marina is considered one of the finest in Turkey, as sailingboats and yachts from all over the world come to stay here. In this picturesque marina you find wooden boats side by side, but it also harbors luxury yachts awaiting to take their owners on a lovely tour. This is a place that sailors are more than happy to return to, over and over again.

The Marmaris marina has become a very popular place for people who want to enjoy a remarkable scenery, interesting crowds from all over the world and delicious turkish food. Good restaurants can be found both in the marina and in the other city areas. Many of them offer exquisite traditional Turkish dishes but there is also a variety of restaurants serving various international cuisines. The choices are many, and the prices very reasonable.

The old town is swarmed with narrow lanes and alleys. The houses are colorful and the city literally climbs upon the mountain slopes. Here you can find cozy local tavernas and also lots of shops and bazaars. From one of the city hills, a huge castle from the Ottoman empire is facing towards the sea. This is one of the few fortresses in history that were not built to be a war machine, but built for peaceful purposes of Sultan Süleyman in the 1500’s. Here you can stroll around and enjoy the historical atmosphere, the beautiful sceneries and the variety of objects exhibited within the castle premises.

There is lots to do in Marmaris, for all generations. You can enjoy all kinds of water sports or visit the Atlantis Water Park, you can go mountainbiking or hiking in the mountains, you can join Jeep Safaris or enjoy a relaxing Turkish bath in a hammam. Marmaris is also well known for its excellent diving opportunities, with no less than 52 diving places around the area.

The night life of Marmaris is considered one of the best in Turkey. Bars and night clubs are concentrated to a few areas, while other areas have maintained their tranquility. This is why Marmaris is both a good option for familiy vacation and also suitable for adult generations.

There is also lots to see in the surrounding areas of Marmaris. The ancient cities of Ephesus or Pamukkale are only 2 hours away if you want to feel the historic venue, or you can go to Dalyan and experience a breathtaking scenery. If you prefer the sea, you can choose from a variety of different day cruises. Join a boat trip to explore some of the beautiful little islands, or cruise with a gullet for a visit to the Greek island of Rhodes.