Packing Advices


First of all, do not pack valuables and toiletries in your check-in luggage at the airport but carry these in your hand luggage (keep in mind sharp objects). Weight limit is usually 20 kg.

Pack in soft bags that can be stowed in the boat, no hard suitcases. Sheets and towels are provided on the boat. All our boats are equipped with life jackets and harnesses, but there can be lesser assortment of children’s sizes.

Clothes and shoes - Most people bring too much clothes, especially during high summer season. Here is an example of a clothing list for 1-2 weeks of sailing:

  • 4-5 T-Shirts
  • 2 pairs of shorts
  •  1 pair of pants / jeans / chinos
  •  Swimwear
  •  2 long sleeve shirts / blouses
  •  Skirt / dress
  •  1 long-sleeved shirt
  •  1 windproof jacket or Goretex-set
  •  Sunglasses
  •  Hat or cap (that does not fall in the water when the wind blows)
  •  Sport shoes/sneakers with soft and light sole
  •  Sandals
  •  socks and underwear
  • Some of the crew should also bring rain clothes if you get into harsh weather.

Sun protectors - We recommend that you choose a sunscreen with care. Most people are aware that the Mediterranean sun is very strong compared to the north, but on sea you may need a protection factor of 20-30 on the first day and then lower. Suntan lotion that leaves grease stains is prohibited onboard, but there are good waterproof creams that will not rub off.

Miscellaneous – Onboard power is 12 V and cigarette sockets for shavers etc. First-aid kit is provided on the boat, but you may want to bring your own travel kit. Mosquito spray is a good idea to include, as well as seasickness pills which you can get prescription-free from the pharmacy. There are diving masks and swimfins available onboard, but if you have your own gear that you prefer to use you can of course bring your own. The boats  family games, the boats have a variety of common games such as cards, backgammon and monopoly etc.

Telephone - If you need to make phonecalls, the easiest thing is to use your mobile phone. Also for security reasons it is good if some of the crew have their phones. The reception is mostly good, but occasionally you can find yourself out of reach between two islands or in the shade of a high mountain. (Do not forget to dial the country code if you call home).

Internet – For internet access, you can rent a portable modem from our staff.